The Historic Savannah Theatre

You can find America's oldest continually operating Theatre in Savannah. The Historic Savannah Theatre still offers shows for those wanting a theatre experience in Savannah

Sitting on Chippewa Square is the Historic Savannah Theatre, the oldest continually operating theatre in America.

The Historic Savannah Theatre dates all the way back to 1818. The night it opened ‘Soldier’s Daughter’ and ‘Raising the Wind’ played to a packed house. Since the early days the Savannah Theatre has change its appearance a few times including a few times due to fire. The art deco style that you see today was installed after one of those fires. Next time you are visiting Savannah make sure to check to see if any shows are playing. Nothing will beat viewing a good show in the oldest continually operating theatre in America.

Savannah Georgia: One of the most Beautiful Cities in America

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