The Historic Hamilton-Turner Inn

You can find the Hamilton-Turner Inn on Lafayette Square, in Savannah. This Bed and Breakfast has an interesting history - and is highly recommended as a place to stay.

The Hamilton Turner Inn – An elegant Savannah Bed and Breakfast

Sitting on beautiful Lafayette Square in historic Savannah Georgia sits the Hamilton Turner Inn. The Hamilton Turner Inn is surely one of Savannah’s most elegant and highly acclaimed bed and breakfasts. If you’re looking for a Bed and Breakfast during your next stay in Savannah Georgia the Hamilton Turner Inn should certainly be on your list of potential places to stay.

The Hamilton Turner in finished construction in 1873. It was built for Samuel Pugh Hamilton. While building the house they made a very important decision, which is the reason the house is still around today. They decided to put a metal roof on the building, saving it from the great Savannah fire of 1898. That fire burned down much of the historic district.

The House picked up its second formal name, Turner, in 1915 when the house was purchased by Dr. Francis Turner. Over the next 80 years the house changed hands a number of times. It served many different functions including a boarding house and apartments. In 1997 the Hamilton Turner Inn was purchased and converted into a Bed and Breakfast. The current owners, Gay and Jim Dunlop, invested a lot of time and money restoring the Hamilton Turner Inn back to its former glory. Today, it helps to make Lafayette Square one of the most impressive Squares in all of Savannah. During a busy day you will often see tourists passing the Bed and Breakfast, taking photos and otherwise admiring this grand home.

The Hamilton Turner Inn has 17 guest rooms and suites, making it one of the more accommodating Bed and Breakfasts in Savannah Ga. For more information at staying at this beautiful Savannah Bed and Breakfast please visit their website.

Website:The Hamilton Turner Inn’s Website

Phone Number: 1-912-233-1833

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