Liberty Square

Located between Montgomery and West President Streets, Liberty Square was designed in 1799 during Savannah’s second city expansion plan. Named after the “Sons of Liberty”, an American Revolution era secret organization set on opposing British colonial policy.

One of four original squares to be destroyed, Liberty Square has been lost to urban development; paved over in construction of the Chatham County Courthouse and the Robbie Robinson Parking Garage.

The Sons of Liberty

The “Sons of Liberty” paved the way for Georgia’s association in the American Revolution. Before the Boston Tea Party took place in 1773, the Savannah sect of the SOL shipped ammunition they stole in British raids to Boston. After the Revolutionary War, Savannah citizens were destitute and the Boston SOL returned the favor by shipping much needed food and supplies back to Savannah.

On August 10th, 1774, the Sons of Liberty met at Tondee’s Tavern in Savannah to plot their participation in the American Revolution.

Liberty Square today

If you’re out searching for Liberty Square, you will be hard-pressed to find it. A small patch of grass is all that remains. Look for the American Legion Flame of Freedom (relocated from Elbert Square in 1985), and Liberty Square resides adjacent to it. The Chatham County Courthouse and Jail, built in 1978, are also across the street.

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