Troup Square

While Troup Square may not get the press the other Squares in Savannah get, it has more than its share of History, interesting buildings - and a mysterious looking statue in the center

Christened in honor of George Michael Troup, a Senator and Governor of Georgia, Troup Square was designed in 1851 and is known as one of the smaller of 24 squares in Savannah. Troup and Washington Squares are the only squares named for individuals still alive at the time of their inception.

In the center of Troup Square lies a magnificent, bronze-sculpted, Victorian-era armillary sphere; an astronomical model/device used to display relationships between celestial circles.

Commonly attributed as “Dog Bone Square”, Troup Square boasts a unique, cast-iron water fountain just for your furry best friend!

George Michael Troup

George Michael Troup was a congressman, Senator, and the 32nd Governor of Georgia from 1823-1827. He was a proponent of expansionist Manifest Destiny, Native American removal, and slavery.

Unitarian Universalist Church

Built in 1851, the Unitarian Universalist Church resides on the west side of Troup Square. Closed by force prior to the Civil War for their abolitionist beliefs, the Unitarian Universalist Church was reclaimed in 1997 and stands today. The Reverend John Pierpont Jr., the founding minister of the Savannah church, had a brother, James, who was the organist and choir director, and is credited with the song “Jingle Bells.”

Beach Institute

Established by the Freedmen’s Bureau in 1867, the Beach Institute administered education opportunities to the newly emancipated African Americans of Savannah. The African-American Cultural Center resides there today.

Kennedy and McDonough Row Houses

Two blocks surrounding Troup Square are lined with beautiful examples of Savannah architecture. Historic row houses restored to their former glory in the late twentieth century are a shining example of historic preservation in the city today.

Troup Square today

Troup Square is a beautiful, off-the-beaten path, dog-friendly, square surrounded by historic homes and several significant buildings. It is worth the trek just to see the armillary sculpture. Don’t forget to take Fido with you!

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